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“Follow God’s Lead”: Christian Actress Reveals Most Significant Lesson God Taught Her In 2023

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “Newsmakers” podcast, outspoken Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure spoke about 2023 and the most significant lesson that she sees God as having taught her in it.

She says that, though the year was overwhelmingly successful for her, there were hardships during it for her and so the lesson she learned was perseverance in the face of intense hardship and balancing the excitements of success with overcoming those hardships.

Speaking to CBN Digital’s “Newsmakers” podcast about that, Bure said, “It has been a big year, and there’s things that I’ve been so excited about. There’s also been hardships along the way. I mean, there always are. Every year has its ups and downs.

Continuing, she said that the lesson she had to learns through those hardships and difficulties is that the Lord will provide and so what matters is to keep persevering and making it through the struggles of life, as “nothing will be in vain” for those who keep moving forward.

In her words, “I feel like what God has continually spoken to me this year is to, ‘Just keep persevering, keep taking one step at a time, keep doing what I’ve called you to do, and there’ll be fruit from it. Nothing will be in vain.’ And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Bure then spoke about how things are going with Great American Family, the channel to which she moved after Hallmark started moving away from portraying only traditional marriages, as she thought her Christian faith demands. She said the channel is doing well and garnering positivity, which shows her that she is moving in the right direction.

Speaking about the channel and how things at it went during 2023, Bure said, “There have been so many more encouraging notes and positivity that have been so valuable for all of us and me personally to validate exactly what I’ve been doing on this journey with Great American Family, in my career, with all of my businesses.”

She then added that the way things went at the channel and how they look moving ahead into the New Year provide confirmation for her that she is “on the right track.” Adding to that, she added “And so I’m going to continue to follow God’s lead.

Among Bure’s successes this year was that actress Danica McKellar, best known for her appearance in “The Wonder Years,” spoke about how Bure helped her find her faith, saying, “I’ve been around Christianity my whole life in some way, shape, or form, but it never really clicked.” Continuing, she then added, “And my good friend Candace Cameron Bure… she brought me to church. And all I can say is that something happened.

McKellar made the same point about Bure’s help in a separate interview, saying, “I am so grateful to Candace Cameron Bure for bringing me into this era of my life. She really had a lot to do with it. Also, my dad. He’s been a believer for a long time.”

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