Tháng Tư 19, 2024

Aaron Rodgers Goes There On Jimmy Kimmel And Jeffrey Epstein, And The Late-night “Comedian” Is Threatening A Lawsuit

The world anxiously awaits the release of the Jeffrey Epstein… list? Logs? Unredacted something or other? This has been going on long enough to where I’ll believe names are being released when the names are actually released. It’s still fun to speculate, though Aaron Rodgers’s speculation about Jimmy Kimmel might lead to a lawsuit.

Rodgers and Kimmel have been beefing since the Fauci Era of American history. Rodgers, the quarterback, famously made the decision not to get his Fauci Ouchie over his longstanding belief that people should be allowed to make their own medical decisions. Kimmel, the late-night “comedian,” believes whatever the Democrat Party tells him to believe and feels people who didn’t get their Fauci Ouchie should die in the streets.


So there is a history between the two before Aaron’s weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show.

“[The Epstein List] is supposed to be coming out soon… There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel that are really hoping that doesn’t come out.”

Kimmel had a hissy fit about it. And is threatening legal action.

It isn’t the first time Jimmy Kimmel has been tied to Jeffrey Epstein, the prominent Democrat who was also a pedophile and who may or may not have killed himself. MMA fighter Joe Bauman went viral in 2022 after a post-victory interview: “Secondly, Jimmy Kimmel, viral this. I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet. And until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, you’re all pedophiles to me. Eat d*ck!”

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