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Christian Actor Says Playing Lucifer Changed His Life Forever

Remaining steadfast in one’s faith amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has proven to be a daunting challenge for actor Neil McDonough. Widely recognized for his compelling portrayals of villains, McDonough has faced the industry’s backlash for his unwavering commitment to his Christian beliefs, particularly his refusal to partake in explicit scenes. In a recent film, “The Shift,” McDonough stepped into the role of Lucifer, a character he believes has transformed his life in unexpected ways.

“The Shift,” an indie sci-fi romance inspired by the biblical Book of Job, introduces McDonough as Lucifer, referred to as “The Benefactor” in the film. The storyline follows the protagonist, Kevin, as he navigates a dystopian reality, facing challenges orchestrated by The Benefactor in his pursuit of reuniting with his true love, Molly. Angel Studios, the production house behind “The Shift,” describes the film as a journey where hope emerges through a symbol of the empty tomb, akin to the resurrection theme in Christian theology.

In a conversation with the Christian Post, McDonough shared profound insights gained from portraying Lucifer in “The Shift.” He emphasized the universal truth that everyone encounters challenges, though they may not be as severe as those faced by Job. McDonough encourages individuals to maintain faith and resilience through life’s tribulations, highlighting the importance of rising after a fall.

The actor delves into the principles guiding his life, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing God and family over personal desires. McDonough advocates for a common-sense approach to life—placing God and family at the forefront—and envisions a world where more people adopt this perspective for a sweeter, more harmonious existence.

McDonough draws parallels between the film and real-life experiences, asserting that projects like “The Shift” serve as reminders not to take life for granted. He stresses the fleeting nature of existence, urging individuals to make their lives remarkable by being the best versions of themselves. The actor reflects on the film’s essence, highlighting his challenging role as The Benefactor, who attempts to lure individuals away from meaningful lives.

In an intriguing twist, McDonough discloses his approach to playing Lucifer. Rather than portraying the character as overtly sinister, he envisioned Lucifer as a seemingly friendly next-door neighbor, emphasizing the subtle nature of temptation that can lead individuals away from their faith.

The actor opens up about the profound life lesson he gleaned from portraying Lucifer. He recounts the challenging final scene with Kevin, where his character, burdened by the loss of faith, reflects on the difficulty of saying “no” to overwhelming temptations. McDonough acknowledges the personal impact of the role, expressing a desire for faith akin to Kevin’s conviction and strength in resisting evil.

Neil McDonough’s journey in Hollywood, particularly his role in “The Shift,” underscores the challenges of remaining true to one’s faith in an industry that often demands compromise. Through his reflections on life, faith, and the transformative power of storytelling, McDonough inspires audiences to confront their own struggles with unwavering conviction. “The Shift” serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the face of darkness, the choice to say “no” to temptation can lead to a life that is truly remarkable.

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