Tháng Hai 26, 2024

Heavy Metal Legend Gives Israel His Full Support For Using His 80s Anthem As A Rallying Cry: “Payback’s A Mothereffer”

There is beef in the celebrity streets over supporting Israel retaliating against Hamas after the heinous October 7th attacks. One group of celebs is following the boilerplate “Both sides are bad, but blame Israel anyway” line of messaging, The other group says that, maybe this time, the side that raped, slaughtered, and burned people alive might be worse. Heavy metal legend Dee Snider is firmly on the latter side and is all about Israel using “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as their rallying cry.

Ever since 1984, when a group of people were taking a stand against another group of people, they chose “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as their anthem. Snider is all about letting Israel use it, telling TMZ of people criticizing the country’s response, “People saying that, ‘Oh, the response is gonna be too intense for what happened.’ Well, you don’t get to decide on the response when you do heinous things to civilians. You don’t get to say, ‘Oh, that’s enough, that’s enough retaliation.’”


He goes on to say, “When you cross that line, you’re burning people, you’re slaughtering people, you’re raping people, you’re just killing people after what happened at that festival, you don’t get to say, ‘Okay, your revenge can be this much.’ No. Payback’s a mothereffer.”

Also, kudos to Snider for saying ANYONE can use his music. Even if he disagrees with your message. You get this a lot with artists when someone with an (R-State) after their name so much as hums one of their songs the artist denounces it. Snider won’t censor. Doesn’t matter who. He was cool with Donald Trump using the song, even though he says he “hates everything MAGA stands for.”

Which is fine. People have different opinions. I also don’t agree that if it isn’t metal it’s crap anymore like I did in my teenage years. Though “The Price” is the still the mad notes.

It’s not the first time the 80s icon has spoken out politically. When other artists are forced to apologize for saying minors having permanently life-altering gender reassignment might not be a good idea, Snider tripled down on it.

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