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Dave Chappelle says he’s in ‘trouble’ with Jewish community after reported comments on Israel-Hamas war

Comedian Dave Chappelle addressed his previously reported comments about the Israel-Hamas conflict during a show in North Carolina on Wednesday and said the comments were all “hearsay.”

“Right now, I’m in trouble because the Jewish community is upset,” Chappelle said at his North Carolina show, according to the New York Times. “But I cannot express this enough: No matter what you read about that show in Boston, you will never see quotation marks around anything I said. They don’t know what I said.”

He added that it was all “hearsay,” the Times reported.

The Wall Street Journal previously that audience members walked out of Chappelle’s show in Boston after her started to talk about the conflict in the Middle East.

“The other night, I said something about Palestine in Boston and got misquoted all over the world,” the comedian reportedly said. “And I will not repeat what I said.”

According to the Times, a woman in the audience shouted, “Free Palestine” in response.

“Please, please, miss,” he said. “Listen. Don’t start it up or I’m going to be in the news cycle for another week. This thing that’s happening in the Middle East is bigger than everybody.”

He said that the situation in Israel was a “nightmare,” but added, “what’s happening in Palestine is a nightmare.”

“There’s only two kinds of people in the world: people who love other people and the people that have things to make them afraid to love other people. Pray for everyone in Israel. Pray for everyone in Palestine,” he said, the Times reported.

During his Boston show, Chappelle reportedly said that students supporting Palestinians shouldn’t be losing jobs over it.

The Wall Street Journal, citing attendees, reported some in the audience shouted “Free Palestine,” in support of Chappelle’s comments, while others yelled, “What about Hamas?” before some audience members walked out.

The back-and-forth with the audience occurred after Chappelle declared students shouldn’t be losing their jobs over supporting Palestinians, according to reports.

Chappelle notably does not allow phones at his shows and has audience members surrender them before entering.

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