Tháng Tư 19, 2024

Hollywood Superstars Slam SAG-AFTRA For Absurd Strike-Friendly Rules

Hollywood mega-stars Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore lashed out against the Screen Actors Guild for insisting that actors and actresses wear “strike-friendly” Halloween costumes this year. With the strike already putting so many out of work and causing massive delays to filming schedules, the latest imposition from those orchestrating the demonstration went over the line for Reynolds and Moore.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists released their guidelines on a flyer that asked members to “Choose costumes inspired by generalized characters and figures (ghost, zombie, spider, etc.),” according to Variety.

Mandy Moore, a woman so famous that her career need not be detailed, took to Instagram to voice her displeasure with this most recent strike measure. She wrote, “Is this a joke? Come on @sagaftra. This is what’s important. We’re asking you to negotiate in good faith on our behalf. So many folks across every aspect of this industry have been sacrificing mightily for months. Get back to the table and get a fair deal so everyone can get back to work.”

This strike has gone on through the Summer and is now stretching into the winter, and plenty of big stars are growing sick and tired of the struggle. With their careers ticking on, it is hard for them to continue supporting the strike while they cannot produce films and shows.

Reynolds sarcastically Tweeted, “look forward to screaming “scab” at my 8 year old all night. She’s not in the union but she needs to learn.”


The union quickly listened to Reynolds, one of the biggest actors in the world today, and clarified that children may do whatever they want when it comes to Halloween costumes. “SAG-AFTRA issued Halloween guidance in response to questions from content creators and members about how to support the strike during this festive season. This was meant to help them avoid promoting struck work, and it is the latest in a series of guidelines we have issued. It does not apply to anyone’s kids.”

This drama in the acting world is a stark reminder of what our Hollywood elites think about all day. There is crime and homelessness running rampant in the streets below their Beverly Hills mansions, but they’d rather take the time to speak out against their own union dictating what they can and cannot wear on Halloween.

Sure, we would all be angry if our job told us what we are not allowed to wear when we are not on-site, but there are huge issues just down the street that massive Hollywood stars could use their gigantic platforms to reach.

With so many normal people feeling the brunt of the collapsing sense of safety in California’s biggest cities, couldn’t these stars take a moment to ask the government to pay more attention to the growing pandemic of crime in their cities? Is that too much to ask?

Apparently, it is, but at least we got our little bit of distraction for the day in some juicy celebrity drama.

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