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Kirk Cameron announces ‘innovative’ new TV series, says America’s parents are ‘sickened’ by woke Hollywood

Known for the past few years for his wholesome book readings for kids in public libraries across America, actor, producer and author Kirk Cameron now has a new project he’s announced on Monday morning, Feb. 19.

“Parents and grandparents are sickened and tired of their children being attacked by the woke wolves of Hollywood,” Cameron told Fox News Digital this weekend, ahead of the announcement.

“That’s why I’m continuing to work with Brave Books to dive further into the world of children’s entertainment.”

Cameron and Brave are putting out an “innovative live-action children’s TV show” called “Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk,” the team announced.

It will combine “the timeless moral teachings of ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ with modern energy, hilarious dialogue, animated stories and surprise guest stars” – for “a captivating experience for children and parents alike,” according to a press release.

Cameron also told Fox News Digital, “It’s not just time to take back our libraries and literature. It’s time to take back every area of culture that these animals have devoured.”

He said, “Good families are looking for entertainment they can trust – stories that teach children biblically based moral values.”

So “supporting ‘Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk’ is another step forward in creating the culture we want for our future generations.”

The series is expected to launch in August 2024.

Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, said in a statement to Fox News Digital, “As parents, we have been forced to settle for mindless entertainment or just downright harmful content. It’s time we had a show for our children that not only sparked their imagination and engaged them, but also built their character and strengthened their worldview while doing so.”


Talbot said, “‘Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk’ is the right show at the right time and will be the most important children’s television show since ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.’”

The show will star Cameron as Mr. Kirk. Meanwhile, Iggy the Iguana will be puppeteered by John Kennedy, known for two decades of starring roles in shows like “Sesame Street” and “Muppets,” the press release noted.

Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker will play the role of Creative Leigh, the press release also said.

“I miss the days when the kids were off-limits with politics.”

Baker told Fox News Digital in a statement, “Parents want wholesome, enriching content for their children. I find it sad that most of Hollywood is no longer interested in protecting the innocence of children but instead is willing to sacrifice them for the promotion of political, progressive propaganda that checks some boxes for their corporations.”

She added, “I miss the days when the kids were off-limits with politics. ‘Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk’ lets kids be kids! I’m excited to be part of a show that brings back the good ol’ days in a fun, modern way.”

Cameron said the team creatd the new program “to fill a void in children’s television,” as the press released indicated.

“Christian parents today struggle to find quality content that reflects their values and captures the attention of modern-day kids. Our show aims to bridge that gap by providing entertainment that is both wholesome and engaging.”

He also said on Monday morning to Fox News Digital via a phone interview, “I don’t underestimate the potential” here. “It feels like we’re just getting buried by Hollywood and its evil agenda to subvert parents and pollute the hearts and minds of children.”

He added, “I know that people whose hearts are in the right place and who are working with all of their might to do what is right can often be the unexpected miracle that changes the game. And I’ve always believed that and want to be a part of that for my generation. That’s why I’m partnering with Brave Books.”

“We want to do it at the highest level of quality … I feel like this could be the most important project I have ever worked on.”

He continued, “We’re not partnering with a big streaming studio or with Hollywood, because their money always has strings attached… We want to stay true to our core values, just like ‘The Chosen.’ They gathered their community and they made it themselves. And that’s why it’s been so remarkable.

Cameron also said, “I honestly believe that what we’re doing with this children’s television show is unlike any show that has ever been done. It’s blending live action with quality animation with timeless biblical and moral values. And humor that’s going to teach children lessons that have never been needed before.”

He noted, “Mr. Rogers didn’t talk about gender reality. He didn’t talk about critical race theory. He didn’t have to warn children about the dangers of socialism and the removal of the First and Second Amendments. But our children do need to learn those things, because of where we’ve come as a nation.”

And “we want to do it at the highest level of quality, and we want to do it in a way that’s going to be exciting for kids in a way that parents can trust. I feel like this could be the most important project I have ever worked on.”

In late 2023, Cameron released his most recent book for young readers, called “The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare.”

It told the story of how giraffes and foxes ended a long family feud and healed a divided community with courtesy, compassion and kindness.

“Our world is at war, literally,” Cameron told Fox News Digital exclusively in October 2023, citing conflicts between Russians and Ukrainians and Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the culture clash in the United States between traditionalists and leftists.

“And all along our children are watching, trying to make sense of things. If we can show them something different, if we can show them that we’re really all brothers, we can give them hope,” he said.

The new TV show will be crowd-funded, says Brave Books, “offering supporters various tiers of participation to be part of this breakthrough production.”

Anyone seeking more information about the latest project can visit

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