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Alyssa Milano Blasted For Attending Super Bowl After Begging Fans To Donate To Her Son’s Little League Team

Alyssa Milano is your typical Hollywood leftist. This just means she’s a narcissistic person who thinks she knows all the answers to the world’s problems, even though she is extremely disconnected from the average person. And on top of all that, she is an objectively naive person.

She is so out of touch that she could not even be bothered to pay for her son’s Little League team. Likely because paying for Little League is what peasants do. And even though she has more money than the majority of the world could not even dream of, she begged her social media followers to fund her son’s team, even though that’s likely not even pocket change for her.

All of that is bad enough. But we already covered that. The reason this story exists is that she attended the Super Bowl with her son. Those tickets alone average anywhere from around $6,875 to as high as $22,907. So it’s unclear as to why she could not be bothered to pay the $10,000 for her son’s team when she is a multi-millionaire. And it looks like she had pretty good seats.

First thing first, the bangs have got to go.

According to Parade:

Alyssa Milano remains in the hot seat following Super Bowl 2024, with fans criticizing her appearance at the big game after using her platform to solicit donations for her son’s baseball team earlier this year.

The Charmed alum took to Twitter back in January, requesting her 3.4 million followers consider donating to a GoFundMe benefiting the team’s trip to Cooperstown.

Despite a wave of intense backlash for the “out of touch” request, the fundraiser has since reached $15,164 of its $10,000 goal and remains open for donations as of writing.

When the actress shared a sweet snapshot of herself and her son, Milo Thomas, 12—whom she shares with husband David Bugliari—posing in front of one of the end zones at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas before the game began, the backlash reignited, with fans made uneasy by her presence at a game where the cheapest face value ticket runs at $2,000 after begging them for money for her kid’s extracurriculars.

To be fair, I don’t think that just because she’s rich she should have to foot the bill for the whole team. I am not a communist. But the problem arises when you are a millionaire and ask people who could not afford to go to the Super Bowl to donate to your son’s team.

Some people have made the argument that she was trying to teach the team of the importance of raising money. But that’s an incredibly dumb thing to say since she used her massive following and did absolutely nothing to raise any of that money. I doubt she even wrote the GoFundMe description. It was probably her assistant. It’s not like the kids held a car wash or something like that.

But all of that is just typical leftist behavior where they expect to spend everyone else’s money rather than their own.

To say this woman is tone-deaf is an understatement.

That said, I don’t know what’s worse. That people donated to her GoFundMe – to the point that it’s over $5,000 more than the goal – or that she asked for the funds in the first place.

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