Tháng Hai 26, 2024

Henry Cavill ‘Not a Fan’ of Sex Scenes: ‘They’re Overused’

English actor Henry Cavill (The WitcherJustice League) is “not a fan” of sex scenes, believing they have become “overused” in modern movies.

Cavill aired his opinion during an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast alongside director Matthew Vaughn. Cavill ultimately felt that “human imagination” makes for a better substitute over the common sex scene.

“I don’t understand them – I’m not a fan,” Cavill said . “There are circumstances where a sex scene actually is beneficial to a movie, rather than just the audience, but I think sometimes they’re overused these days.”

“It’s when you have a sense where you’re going, ‘Is this really necessary or is it just people with less clothing on?’” he continued. “And that’s when you start to get more uncomfortable and you’re thinking, ‘There’s not a performance here. There’s not a piece which is going to carry through to the rest of the movie’.”

Cavill admitted that “sex scenes can be great in a movie” and “can really help with the storytelling” but ultimately felt they have been overdone.

“Most of the time the human imagination is going to trump it. So, it can be a little bit of a cop-out if a TV show or a movie is just filled with gyrating bodies and you’re going, ‘Okay, but what is this doing for us apart from the idea of, Oh naked person, great,’” he said.

“[I’m] not a fan of doing them,” he added.

Cavill made his stance months after a recent study showed that Generation Z wants to see less sex in movies.

“A recent UCLA poll finds that young TV and movie viewers are leaning away from an interest in sexual and romantic material and are more interested in stories about friendships and platonic relationships,” reported Breitbart News.

“The Center for Scholars & Storytellers at UCLA’s new Teens & Screens report found that 47.5 percent of young viewers aged 13-24 think that sex and romance is overly represented in TV and movies, and 51.5 percent want more stories about friendships,” it added.

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