Tháng Hai 26, 2024

Iowa Legislature Considering Requiring National Anthem to be Sung in Classrooms, Athletic Events

The Iowa state legislature is debating a rule requiring schools to stand and sing the national anthem at the start of each day, Fox News reported.

House Study Bill 587 would not only require students to sing the anthem but also to learn about the song, how it was written, and its history leading up to it becoming our national anthem.

“The board of directors of each public school shall require all teachers providing classroom instruction and all students in attendance to sing at least one verse of the national anthem each school day,” as well as during “patriotic occasions.”

Students would be able to formally opt out with parental approval, especially students who are physically unable to stand during the song.

Democrat Rep. Sue Cahill blasted the idea, saying that focusing on the anthem “takes away” from learning.

“The school classroom is not the place for mandating the singing of the national anthem, thus mandating patriotism for students; I think that’s something students choose, and it’s something that they learn, and they’ll learn it in other ways,” she said. “The amount of time it would take to not only sing, teach the singing takes away from some valuable teacher time, student learning time,” she added.

Republican Rep. Henry Stone, though, is “100 percent” in favor of it.

“I believe that our kids should be more exposed to things like our national anthem, those that have supported our country, our servicemen — myself being one of them,” Stone explained. “I grew up in a household that valued patriotism, that promoted patriotism. It’s why I joined as a third-generation military man, serving our country for 22 years. So, I believe in this bill. I believe that it’s something that we can put back into our schools that has added value

Naturally, the left-wing groups are also against the idea.

Iowa Safe Schools, Damian Thompson, for instance, insisted that the bill is likely “unconstitutional.” Thompson exclaimed, “students and teachers alike do not shed their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse door.”

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